Edge Intelligence Summit

Friday, September 1st, 2023, 9 AM-6 PM

San Francisco, CA




Exploring Uncharted Frontier

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Edge Intelligence Summit, coming to the U.S. this fall 2023. The Edge Intelligence Summit is the first major conference dedicated to the potential of AI at the edge and the progress of new web primitives. This year’s Inaugural Summit has two chapters, with one focus on foundation and the other on generation. 



Hear from the brilliant minds behind efficient architectures on scaling edge AI, especially in light of the recent computing shortage.

Lukasz Kaiser (@lukaszkaiser)

Transformer Co-Inventor, Tensorflow Co-author, OpenAI

Sergey Edunov (@edunov)

Llama2 Co-author, Director of Engineering, Meta

Konstantine Buhler (@KostaBuhler)

Partner, Sequoia

Michele Catasta (@pirroh)

VP of AI at Replit, Ex-Head of Applied Research at Google X

Yi Sun (@theyisun)

Co-Founder, Axiom, Assistant Professor at University of Chicago

Gerald Friedland

Principal Scientist at AWS, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

Chris McCann (@mccannatron)

General Partner, Race Capital

Harrison Chase (@hwchase17)

Founder, Langchain

Raymond Liao

Managing Partner, Samsung NEXT

Ryan Cunningham (@ryboticc)

Senior Associate Builder, AI Fund

Evan Miyazono (@emiyazono)

Head of Research, Protocol Lab

Aleksei Petrenko (@petrenko_ai)

Reinforcement Learning Research Scientist, Apple

Bowen Wang (@Bowenwang18)

Head of Protocol, Pagoda

Maksym Zavershynskyi (@mzavershynskyi)

VP of Engineering, Near

Avichal Garg (@avichal)

Managing Partner, Electric Capital

Simon Suo (@disiok)

Cofounder & CTO, LlamaIndex

Chaoyang He(@chaoyanghe)

Cofounder & CTO, FedML

Max Webster (@MaxAWebster)

Founder, Hivemind Venture

Rob Reid (@Rob_Reid)

New York Times Bestselling Sci-fi Author, Council of Foreign Relations

Joscha Bach (@Plinz)

AI Researcher & Cognitive Scientist



Date: Sep 1st, 2023

Time: 9 am - 6 pm

Location: San Francisco, CA

The big topic at the Foundation Summit will be the impact of efficient architectures on scaling edge AI, especially in light of the recent computing shortage.

Track I:

Computing Architecture and Frameworks

This foundational track explores the optimized computing architectures, hardware, systems, and infrastructure required to enable high-performance edge AI. We will cover the evolution of computing, accelerating AI/ML with specialized hardware, and refining architectures for localized data-centric edge intelligence, and new web primitives.

Track II:

Models, Learning, and Inferencing

This track dives deep into innovations in model development, distributed training techniques, and optimization for efficient on-device inference. Sessions will explore democratizing access through open model development, federated learning for on-device personalization, multi-party computation for private inferencing, and collaborative training methods.

Track III:

Data Privacy, Cryptography, and Humanity in the Age of AI

This encompasses machine learning, privacy, identity, and the ethical implications of edge AI. Sessions will explore zero-knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption to enable private on-device ML. We will also discuss identity, biometric authentication, and the rights and responsibilities of advancing AI.


09:00AM-10:00AM Breakfast and Networking

10:00AM-10:15AM Welcome Address

Track I Computing Architectures and Frameworks

10:15AM-10:30AM AI and the Open Web

Lightning Talk Evan Miyazono (Head of Research, Protocol Lab)

10:30AM-11:00AM History of Computing & Next Frontier

Panel Raymond Liao (Managing Partner, Samsung NEXT), Rob Reid (New York Times Bestselling Sci-fi Author)

Moderated by Max Webster (Founder, Hivemind Venture)

11:00AM-11:30PM Deep Learning Decade - GPT4 and Beyond

Opening Keynote Lukasz Kaiser (Transformer Co-Inventor, Tensorflow Co-author, OpenAI)

11:30AM-11:45PM Distributed Infrastructure for Federated Learning

Lightning Talk Changyang He (Cofounder & CTO, FedML)

11:45AM-12:00PM GPU Market & Hardware Ecosystem

Lightning Talk Ben Fielding(Co-founder, Gensyn), Rishin Ssharma (Investor, Coinfund)

12:00AM-01:00PM Lunch

Track II Models, Learning, and Inferencing

01:00PM-01:30PM Value Capture in the AI Stack

Panel Avichal Garg (Managing Partner, Electric Capital), Chris McCann (General Partner, Race Capital)

Moderated by Ryan Cunningham (Senior Associate Builder, AI Fund)

01:30PM-01:45PM Building Context-Aware Reasoning Application

Lightning Talk Harrison Chase (Founder, Langchain)

01:45PM-02:00PM AutoML: Intelligently Automating Model Building

Lightning Talk Gerald Friedland (Principal Scientist at AWS, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley)

02:00PM-02:15PM Efficient Traianing & Model Optimization

Lightning Talk Konstantine (Sequoia Capital), Michael Graczyk (Quilt Research)

02:15PM-02:30PM Federated Learning & Social Context Extraction

Lightning Talk Maksym Zavershynskyi (VP of Engineering, Near)

02:30PM-03:00PM Llama 2: Building Open Foundation models

Featured Keynote Sergey Edunov (Llama2 Co-author, Director of Engineering, Meta)

03:00PM-03:15PM Coffee Break

Track III Privacy, Cryptography, and Humanity in the Age of AI

03:15PM-03:45PM Machine Consciousness

Special Guest Joscha Bach (AI Researcher & Cognitive Scientist, Ex-Principal Engineer at Intel Lab)

03:45PM-04:00PM Applications of ZK in Machine Learning

Lightning Talk Yi Sun (Co-Founder, Axiom, Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago)

04:00PM-04:15PM Solving AI's Data Tracking and Reputation

Lightning Talk Bowen Wang (Head of Protocol, Near)

04:15PM-04:30PM Data Framework for LLM Applications: Train on Your Own Data

Lightning Talk Jerry Liu (CEO, LlamaIndex)

04:30PM-04:45PM A Tale of Code LLM and GPU-Poor

Lightning Talk Michele Catasta (VP of AI at Replit, Ex-Head of Applied Research at Google X)

04:45PM-05:15 PM Builder, Governance, Model, Incentives

Lightning Talk Divya Gupta (Builder & Advisor), Ranvir Rana (Witness Chain), Moderator: Saneel Sreeni (Origin System)

05:15PM-05:30PM Closing Address

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