A groundbreaking experiment that explores the practical applications at the intersection of AI and Decentralized Network, going beyond conventional use cases to tackle real-world challenges.

Bringing together two of the most revolutionary fields in the tech industry through research initiatives, hackathons, and events, we empower participants to explore the boundless potential of this fusion.

Each thought is a link in the chain of progress, propelling us into the autonomous and decentralized future of technology.


Edge = Where AI Meets Next-Gen Web

Edge Intelligence represents a potent fusion of edge computing and AI, while Web3 stands as the next frontier in computing. Within this convergence, we identify two pivotal paradigms:

  1. Web3 x AI = Autonomous Network: This paradigm enriches existing Web3 frameworks with AI capabilities, resulting in a self-operating network that can efficiently adapt and optimize itself.

  2. AI x Web3 = Decentralized AI: In this paradigm, we delve into the possibilities of decentralized compute, distributed devices and end users, and their data actively participating in AI processes and localized problem-solving.

At Edge, our core mission is on advancing technologies and research that empower individuals and entities to regain control over their digital lives. We uphold the principles of data privacy and sovereignty, working diligently to create a future where individual sovereignty is paramount.

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