Open Source AI Day

Join us for a day of insightful discussions and networking with top experts in the field of open-source AI.

Apr 14th , 2024 | 10AM - 6PM

UC Berkeley, San Francisco, CA

Meet Our Speakers

Facing the war-chested giants in AI's capital arms race, how can underfunded open source projects hope to survive, let alone win this modern David vs. Goliath battle? To support Funding the Commons this year, we are hosting a one-day discussion on the open-source AI landscape, contributor growth, and innovative funding models.

Matt White

Director, Linux Foundation Generative AI Commons

Jason Lopatecki

Co-founder, Arize AI

Keith Adams
General Partner, Pebblebed; ex-Chief Architect, Slack
Julia Kiseleva

Principal Researcher, Microsoft

Suraj Patel
Head of Venture, MongoDB
Erik Bovee

Founding Partner of SpeedInvest; VP of Business, MindsDB

Jamie Joyce

Founder, The Society Library, Ex Project Lead at Internet Archive

Arnav Gang

Senior ML Engineer at Predibase

Alex Skidanov

Co-founder, Near AI

Anton Osika

Founder, GPT Engineer

Shishir Patil
Co-Founder, Gorilla LLM
Vitaly Butlatov
Founder, Merklebot
Adam Chan

Developer Growth, Weaviate

Alan Zabihi

Founder, SuperAgent

Ash Vardanian
Founder, Unum
Evan Miyazono

Founder, Atlas Computing

Shannon Hong
Fellow of Open Future Foundation; ex-PM of ScaleAI
Jocelyn Weber Phipps

Deputy Director, Berkeley Center of Responsible Decentralized Intelligence

David Casey

Director, Funding the Common

Open Source AI Day



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10:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Era Qian (Founder, Edge), Cameron Dennis (Founder, Banyan Collective), David Casey (CEO, Funding the Commons), Jocelyn
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09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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