Research and Development in the World of Intelligence at the Edge


Edge Intelligence R&D

A Research & Development Organization

Established in early 2023 in San Francisco, Edge was founded in response to the rapidly evolving AI and next-gen web landscape, emphasizing open, autonomous, and user-centric intelligence.

Core Focus
  • Open Source Acceleration: Fostering a community-driven ecosystem where collaboration and the free exchange of ideas and technologies propel collective advancement.

  • Sovereign Intelligence Stack: Advocating digital autonomy, agency empowerment, and control over one's own data and tech infrastructure.

  • Edge Computing & Robotics: Exploration of deploying compact, efficient AI models on edge devices, including IoT and robotics, to enhance real-time, autonomous operations.

Selective Past Event Speakers & Community Partners

Edge Intelligence Summit
Sep 1st, 2023 - San Francisco

Key Milestones

Since its inception, the organization has built strong research community and achieved meaningful milestones:

The inaugural Edge Intelligence Summit that dedicates to the progress and potential of AI at the edge. Key topics include efficient AI architectures for edge devices, distributed intelligence systems, on-device deep learning, AI model compression, tinyML, privacy and security for edge AI.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 250 summit attendees

  • Top industry researchers & founders from OpenAI, Meta, Langchain, Llama Index, Replit, Intel, Apple, AWS, and VCs from Sequoia and Samsung NEXT

Autonomous Agent Hackathon
Feb 26th - Mar 22nd, 2024 - Denver & Global Online

The first applied focus hackathon that explores the practical applications at the intersection of AI and Web3, going beyond conventional use cases to tackle real-world challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 400 hackathon registration

  • 200 in-person attendees

  • 40+ project submission

  • 21 Enterprise and VC Partners

Stanford Open Source AI Summit
Mar 19th, 2024 - San Francisco

Our team presented and helped with organizing of the inaugural Stanford Open Source AI Summit. This is an inaugural, invite-only seminar focused on navigating opportunities on how AI and Web3 technologies can complement each other.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 400 registrations

  • Keynote speakers includes co-author of Attention Is All You Need and major contributor to Tensorflow.

GDC Night Market: The Edge of Gaming
Mar 19th, 2024 - San Francisco

Hosted by Edge, Digital Garage, and a number of gaming enterprises, this event merges the lively atmosphere of a festive night market with the pioneering realms of AI, XR, Robots and the Generative Web, creating a must-visit destination for those eager to explore the cutting-edge of gaming.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 1000 online registration

  • 250 in-person attendees

  • 12 team demos across AI, XR, Robots and the Generative Web


Funding The Common

Date: Apr 14th, 2024

Time: 9 am - 6 pm

Location: San Francisco, CA


The New FinAI Tech Salon

Date: May TBD, 2024

Time: 6 am - 9 pm

Location: New York City, NY

A unique event uniting builders, funders, and academics in the public good space. Dive deep into AI and Open Web: the backbone of digital physical commons innovation

Join us for an exclusive showcase of the latest advancements in AI for Finance from leaders of pioneering projects that enable AI for enterprises and are shaping the future of finance.



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